Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain-JYP Mired in Another Lawsuit

Korea's superstar Rain and his former management company, JYP Entertainment, just seem to get deeper and deeper into legal troubles. In the wake of the stunning verdict in Hawaii, Rain and JYP are sued this time by Star M, a Korean concert production company, for 4.57 billion won or nearly 3.4 million dollars in damage compensation.

Star M claims that Rain and JYP failed to uphold their end of the bargain in 2006, when the singer cancelled 16 out of 35 concerts planned. At the time Rain and Star M had agreed to hold concerts in China, the U.S., Vietnam, Australia, Japan, and Korea over the period of one year from October, 2006. However, the American patent office had denied the registration of Rain's concert trademark "RANY" for its similarity with another America singer's trademark. The rejection had made it impossible for Rain to hold any concerts in America. Star M claims that Rain and JYP knew about the problem, but didn't tell them about it.

Meanwhile, Rain lost in a lawsuit filed by a Hawaiian entertainment firm that was in charge of his concert in 2007. The Hawaiian court ordered the singer and JYP to pay more than 8 million dollars in damages. Rain's legal team is getting ready to appeal the court's decision.


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