Monday, April 27, 2009

Joo Ji-hoon arrested for...!

Barely after the dust has settled with Japanese star Kusanagi's Indecent Exposure scandal in Japan, we now hear of a drug scandal in Korea.The handsome star, Joo Ji-hoon, (27) was caught with drug abuse!

The celebrity network is in surprise and shock! The stars life has been quiet after the death of the actress Jang Ja-yeon from "Boys Over Flowers". However, there is another shock in this world. It is more a hot sopic because the star has actually personally acquired the drug abuse.

He has been a hot star as a model and an actor in "Princess Hours" along with other hits in musicals and film.

Joo Ji-hoon was also supposed to star in the new drama, "Tokyo Tower" starting next month. However, this drug scandal has brought his career to a disaster.

It is known that he has been in a slump and depression for not having any more hit dramas of film after his first success of "Princess Hours".

The three celebrities involved: Joo Ji-hoon, Yoon Seol-hee and Yeh Han-young. According to police, Yoon purchase the drugs via contacts from Japan and hid the drugs in her underwear. Yoon has traveled to Japan over 14 times since August 2007 purchasing Ecstasy and Ketamine. This is the result of initial investigation. Police will reveal more later and it could be one huge drug bust involving more celebrities. The five involved (including three celebrities) will be put on trial early next month.

This all happened in 2008 and has been under investigation until it has become evident now by the police.

Joo Ji-hoon has admitted to drug use and will go on trial early next month. He was last photographed in public at the Prada Transformer Waist Down opening ceremony on April 23.

Such a sad and tragic end for Joo Ji-hoon. All the fantasies that the fans might have had is broken!


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