Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thieves Nabbed for Robbing House of Actor's Mom

Three burglars who robbed the house of popular actor Kim Rae-won's mother were apprehended three months after the break-in, police said Monday.

Yongsan Police Station said the thieves stole money and valuables worth about 150 million won ($120,000) in January. Among the stolen items were medals, checks, luxury watches and other jewelry.

Since last October, they had robbed dozens of houses in wealthy districts in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. Police said the three thieves, who got to know each other when they were in jail three years ago, spent all the money mostly on entertainment.

Among them, a 41-year-old Chung and 29-year-old Lee were arrested, while another thief Park, 42, was booked without physical detention.

The robbers used some of the stolen checks at a gas station in Seoul, allowing police to trace their car as it was recorded by surveillance cameras there.

Source: koreatimes.co.kr

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