Friday, April 10, 2009

Rain and JYP Call for Retrial

Korean singer Rain and his former agency, JYP Entertainment, currently facing a lawsuit regarding the cancellation of the singer's Hawaii concert, hired new lawyers and requested a retrial last Thursday.

According to the federal court in Hawaii Tuesday, the popular singer and agency separately applied for a retrial on April 2. They also requested the suspension of the decision issued last month by the federal court.

Rain and JYP Entertainment also stated that there was no evidence that the contract between Hawaii-based promoter Click Entertainment and Revolution Entertainment, owners of the North American rights to Rain's concerts, was on the behalf of JYP.

Judge Kevin Chang of the federal court in Hawaii will deliberate the singer's and agency's claim for suspension on May 4.

The agency replaced the original five lawyers with seven appeal lawyers as of April 2, while Rain also appointed attorney Terrence O'Toole as of Tuesday.

The popular singer got himself into a multi-million dollar lawsuit when his concert, part of his world tour "Rain's Coming", was canceled several days before its scheduled date in June 2007. Click Entertainment testified that they lost nearly $1.5 million due to the cancellation and argued that Rain and his crew never intended to perform in Hawaii in the first place.

In the ruling, the federal court ordered Rain and JYP to pay $2.4 million each in punitive damages, $1 million for damages related to fraud and $2.2 million for breach of contract.


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