Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fans can't wait for Won Bin's return!

Won Bin is returning through a new film directed by the famous Bong Joon-ho director. The film, "Mother-2009" has its teaser trailer released on the 7th and has been greatly anticipated since.

Mother-2009 is about a mentally challenged young man who is accused of a murder which his mother denies and fights to prove him innocent. This film is about a mother's unconditional love and passion to save his son. The mother character is acted by the talented actress, Kim Hye-ja

Won Bin's last film My Brother in 2004 has been so long ago that the fans are waiting for the release of this new film with big hopes.

We can see Won Bin's great acting even through this teaser trailer. Fans are also greatly awaiting for his transformation into a new character which is so different from any other characters he has been.

The trailer itself is being a hit online!


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