Friday, August 28, 2009

Happily in Love!

Hyeon Bin is so lucky to be loved by the top actress Song Hye-kyo!

She has been in a magazine shoot and interviewed through HIGHCUT magazine's 11'th issue.

The staff say that she is always smiling, light hearted, and happy just like a person in love! After "Worlds Within" drama the relationship between Song and Hyeon grew and became lovers that became a hot topic!

The two are the same age born in 1982 and they made public their relationship to the press last July.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rain forecast for this weekend

Korean pop star Rain will be kicking off his Asian tour this weekend in Japan.

The singer will perform both Saturday and Sunday at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama City. Tickets for the concert, titled, "Legend of Rainism 2009: Rain Asia Tour in Japan", are already all sold out according to J.Tune Entertainment, Rain's management agency.

After his performances in Japan, the singer will stage concerts in Seoul and Hong Kong in October and December, respectively.

"Because he'll be promoting his Hollywood movie 'Ninja Assassin' in November, he only has a few dates on his tour schedule", said an official at J.Tune.

"But though there are only a small number of concerts, we're all doing more to increase the quality of the performances".

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So Ji-sub in romantic comedy with Zang Ziyi

So Ji-sub and Zang Ziyi are in their first romantic comedy film, "Sophie's Revenge" which is being a hit in China!

Last 14th, the film was released and for the first week it has hit the box office chart's number 1. And among other films released in the same genre, this film has received the best ratings and reviews!

This film will be released in more than 800 theaters because of its great popularity. It will be soon released in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.

It is about a famous actress who wishes to find revenge for her lost love, a doctor, to Sophie.


First public event as a couple, Hyeon Bin and Song Hye-kyo

Hyeon Bin and Song Hye-kyo will be in Yokohama, Japan on the 26th of September for the promotion of their drama, "Worlds Within".

The two have revealed their relationship to the world and will be attending this event as a couple and coworkers! It is definitely bringing so much attention to them from their fans!

They have been in a relationship starting this June after they have met through working in the drama together.

Song has recently been in China for a apparel brand commercial shoot and has returned on the 19th!


Friday, August 7, 2009

HOT NEWS: Song Hye-kyo and Hyeon Bin, a couple!

Song Hye-kyo and Hyeon Bin are in a relationship!
Last October in the drama, "Worlds Within" they have met and worked with each other that led them to become a couple! It has been 10 months since they have met, and they have been in a relationship since last June! It has been two months now!

They two have been interviewed and confirmed that they are an official couple.

It is a first that the two stars both loved all around Asia are in a relationship. They are definitely busy, but were able to make time for each other and trust one another as their relationship developed.

Song and Hyeon have first met through the drama, "Worlds Within" where their characters were a couple and that's when it all started.

However, after that Hyeon Bin was in Busan for a new drama, "Friend, Our Story" and the two have been separated for 6 months. Yet, they were able to love each other more through this separation.

It is known that they have dated in cafes a lot and have been hanging out in groups with friends rather than being alone. They also enjoyed taking drives and watching dramas together.

Song monitors the drama that Hyeon Bin is in and gives constructive criticism. The two are both actors so they share a lot about acting and works.

The entertainment companies did not deny their relationship but rather was very positive about their connection. Many eyes are watching the two stars and are expecting more good news from them!