Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kim Jeong-hoon, holding back tears

He is leaving the public for military service of two years...

Kim Jeong-hoon's fans from Japan, Korea, and China have come for a small and brief fan meeting and to see him off to serve the country.

Kim has been a singer as well as an actor gaining much love and experience in different entertainment fields.

Most recently, he has been in a movie by a Japanese director titled, "Cafe Seoul".

This film will be released in July this year in Japan.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Young Actress Woo Found Dead

A young South Korean actress has been found dead at her home in southern Seoul in what appears to be a suicide, Yonhap News Agency reported Tuesday, quoting a police source.

The body of Woo Seung-yeon, who played a supporting role in several films and worked as a model, was discovered by her live-in friend, police said, noting she appeared to have hanged herself. The 26-year-old actress left an alleged suicide note, saying "I love my family. I'm so sorry to leave early."

A family member said on the 28th that she had recently received treatment at a hospital for her depression, but “she couldn’t handle the pain and made an extreme decision.” The relative requested that the deceased be allowed to rest in peace, given the current turmoil of scandals and accidents within the entertainment industry.

Woo's family members and friends told police investigators that she has been under severe stress after recently failing to pass auditions for new roles.

Celebrity suicides are on the rise in South Korea, which witnessed suicides of top movie actress Choi Jin-sil, young TV actress Jang Ja-yeon and actor Ahn Jae-hwan over the past year.

Woo Seung-yeon got her start as an internet uljjang, after which she began to model, and then branched out into acting in the movie Herb and the mobile sitcom Yap. Her most recent role was with Hwang Jung-min in the film Private Eye [그림자 살인], which was released on April 2.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Joo Ji-hoon arrested for...!

Barely after the dust has settled with Japanese star Kusanagi's Indecent Exposure scandal in Japan, we now hear of a drug scandal in Korea.The handsome star, Joo Ji-hoon, (27) was caught with drug abuse!

The celebrity network is in surprise and shock! The stars life has been quiet after the death of the actress Jang Ja-yeon from "Boys Over Flowers". However, there is another shock in this world. It is more a hot sopic because the star has actually personally acquired the drug abuse.

He has been a hot star as a model and an actor in "Princess Hours" along with other hits in musicals and film.

Joo Ji-hoon was also supposed to star in the new drama, "Tokyo Tower" starting next month. However, this drug scandal has brought his career to a disaster.

It is known that he has been in a slump and depression for not having any more hit dramas of film after his first success of "Princess Hours".

The three celebrities involved: Joo Ji-hoon, Yoon Seol-hee and Yeh Han-young. According to police, Yoon purchase the drugs via contacts from Japan and hid the drugs in her underwear. Yoon has traveled to Japan over 14 times since August 2007 purchasing Ecstasy and Ketamine. This is the result of initial investigation. Police will reveal more later and it could be one huge drug bust involving more celebrities. The five involved (including three celebrities) will be put on trial early next month.

This all happened in 2008 and has been under investigation until it has become evident now by the police.

Joo Ji-hoon has admitted to drug use and will go on trial early next month. He was last photographed in public at the Prada Transformer Waist Down opening ceremony on April 23.

Such a sad and tragic end for Joo Ji-hoon. All the fantasies that the fans might have had is broken!


Friday, April 24, 2009

2 Indicted for Spreading Rumors About Late Actress

Prosecutors said Thursday they have indicted two Seoul residents without detention on charges of spreading false rumors that apparently led to the suicide of actress Choi Jin-sil in October last year, according to Yonhap News Agency.

The two - a 35-year-old male employee of a securities company and a 25-year-old unemployed woman - are accused of spreading allegations over the Internet holding Choi responsible for the September suicide of actor Ahn Jae-hwan by pressuring him to repay huge personal debts to her.

Choi, a fixture of Korean prime-time television dramas spanning more than two decades, killed herself at her southern Seoul apartment last October, prompting her family to claim her suicide was largely caused by the groundless online rumors.

The man is accused of receiving an Internet memo containing a rumor about Choi last September and relaying it to about 150 netizens, including the indicted woman who in turn posted the rumor on the bulletin board of her online community. The woman had also worked for a securities company in Seoul but quit after Choi's suicide.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yoon Eun-hye takes off the cute image

Actress Yoon Eun-hye has been in the 'W' magazine photo shoot as an actress who has a secret lover.

She has portrayed the loneliness as an actress who cannot be free to go anywhere or meet anyone without attracting people's attentions. She is wearing revealing outfits for a secret love affair concept.

They seem very professional in their acting for this photo shoot.

You can see this full photoshoot on May edition of the magazine.


Jo In-seong as a soldier

Top star Jo In-seong has entered military service as a pilot! He is in the air force division.

Jo's official air force pictures have been taken and we can see him as a serious soldier serving the country.

He will be trained for 5 weeks to enter the official Air Force base where he will be staying for 25 months.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rain to Join Charity Concert in Beijing

South Korea's top pop idol and actor Rain will perform at a charity concert to be organized by Hollywood star Jackie Chan in Beijing May 1.

The "Good Friend Concert" will be staged at the Beijing National Stadium with nearly 100,000 seats. All the proceeds from the performance will be donated to charities.

Rain, 27 and Jackie Chan, 55, met last year, when they performed during the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony at the stadium.

J.Tune Entertainment, Rain's agency, said, "Jackie Chan invited Rain ― who has a lot of interest in charities ― to appear in the concert. We are pleased to be in an event organized by Jackie Chan who is famous for his good conduct".

Meanwhile, Rain will hold a fashion show for his brand of "Six to Five" in Hong Kong in early June.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rain to Hold Fashion Show in Hong Kong

Singer and actor Rain will hold a fashion show for his fashion brand "Six to Five" in Hong Kong in June, according to J.Tune Creative on April 10.

Working as a designer and model for the brand, Rain will also give a performance himself at the F/W show, which he wants to use as an opportunity to promote the brand, as many Chinese fashion people are expected to attend.

In another effort to promote the brand, J.Tune Creative opened a Six to Five teddy bear museum in Jeju Island on April 3 in cooperation with the Korea Teddy Bear Association. It is set to build a similar museum in the Indonesian resort island of Bali after finalizing a contract, and is working to sign a deal to open another museum in Phuket.

J.Tune said that it will develop other projects using the teddy bear theme for "synergy effects".

Meanwhile, Rain held an autograph session at the Nowon branch of Lotte Department Store on April 5, and plans to hold the event at other local branches.


Police seek extradition of Jang Ja-yeon's ex-manager

Chosun Ilbo files lawsuit after head named in scandal

An official request for the extradition of late actress Jang Ja-yeon's former manager from Japan has been sent to Japan's Justice Ministry through the Korean Embassy in the country.

Lee Myeong-gyun, a senior officer from the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency, told reporters yesterday that police sent the document, which asked for the extradition of Kim Sung-hoon, to the embassy on Sunday. It was then forwarded to the ministry.

Lee said it could take about three months to force Kim return to Korea because Japan has to go through its own legal procedures after Kim is arrested.

The Japanese courts have to make a decision on whether to approve the request within two months after Japanese prosecutors ask for an examination of the case. He will be extradited within 30 days if approval is granted.

Kim fled to Japan in December and has not returned since.

Officer Lee pledged to make an interim report on the investigation into the case soon.

"We are heading to the finish line with the probe, as about 80 percent of the investigation has been completed", he said. "We are trying to get Kim extradited, and figures who allegedly exploited Jang are still being questioned".

The police said they completed last week the first of a series of interrogation sessions with the unidentified head of an online news company. Jang was allegedly pressured to serve drinks and have sex with the man in room salons in the Gangnam area of southern Seoul.

He said that similar sessions with other people suspected to have been involved in exploiting Jang will happen this week.

Meanwhile, prosecutors at the Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office said yesterday that they have begun examining a lawsuit filed by the Chosun Ilbo newspaper firm on Friday.

The company filed a defamation suit against Democratic lawmaker Lee Jong-kul, Democratic Labor lawmaker Lee Jung-hee and the head of, an online political news outlet.

Lee Jong-kul mentioned the name of the president of the Chosun Ilbo during the National Assembly inquiry into the administration, Lee Jung-hee said it on a live TV debate show and the head of Seoprise posted it on the site.

They all claimed the name of the newspaper head is listed in an accusatory document written by Jang before her suicide.

A Chosun Ilbo official, requesting anonymity, said, "Three people defamed the president of the company even though he has nothing to do with the case".

By: Jang Joo-young, Park Yu-mi

Ahn Jae-wook Underwent Throat Surgery

Singer/actor Ahn Jae-wook underwent surgery to remove an intracordal cyst in his throat in late March. He was recording a mini album to be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan when he felt something was wrong with his throat. Doctors found a cyst, which had to be taken out immediately. He is currently recuperating from the operation.

Ahn is advised not to use his voice for at least a month. His entire schedule had to be adjusted, for his voice may change after operation. He was originally scheduled to go on a three-city tour in Japan on May 27th in the wake of a mini album release in Japan. Ahn had wanted to go ahead with the recording and concerts, but his doctors were dead set against it. Ahn's agent relayed the singer/actor's message in which he said that he's sorry he caused so much trouble and worry for his fans and promised to come back as soon as possible to resume the recording and concert preparation.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kim Jeong-hoon enters military service

The Hallyu star, Kim Jeong-hoon is entering the military service this 28th!

The actor has been in a singer since 2000 and an actor in the MBC drama "Princess Hours" which has been a hit all over Asia in 2005 and now.

He has been in 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival where his fan meeting was full of 600 foreign fans to came to see him in person.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today is Black Day

Black Day - April 14 is a South Korean informal tradition for single people to get together and eat Jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce; shown above), sometimes a white sauce is mixed for those who did not celebrate White Day.

The idea is that those who did not give or receive gifts on Valentine's Day or White Day (March 14) can get together and eat Jajangmyeon (짜장면), white Korean noodles with black bean sauce (hence the name), to commiserate their singledom.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jang's former manager arrested for defamation

Yoo Jang-ho, the head of the late actress Jang Ja-yeon's agency at the time of her suicide, was arrested without detention yesterday on a charge of defaming the head of Jang's former agency.

Lee Myeong-gyun, a senior police officer in charge of the investigation at the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency, said during a press briefing that the police booked Yoo on a charge of defaming Kim Sung-hoon by leaking the existence of a document, which was written by Jang, to the media.

On behalf of Kim, his sister and lawyer filed a defamation suit against Yoo on March 25. "We are assuming that Yoo let the media know of the document's existence in order to denounce Kim with the excuse of helping Jang", said Lee.

The officer also said that it was difficult for the police to press charges of defamation against Jang.

The bereaved family filed a defamation lawsuit against Yoo on March 17. Jang's older brother sued three people for defaming the late actress. Two others were reporters from the Korean Broadcasting System.

The police said they would decide whether to seek a detention warrant or not against Yoo as soon as Kim is extradited from Japan. "We believe that the nature of Kim's crime is more serious than Yoo's. It is not right to press criminal charges against Yoo first as Kim has not been prosecuted", Lee said.

Kim, who allegedly forced Jang to serve drinks and sex to high-profile figures, has not returned to Korea since he fled to Japan last December.

Lee added that the police are still questioning suspected figures who exploited Jang in room salons in the Gangnam area, southern Seoul. The police did not identify who they were.


By: Heo Jin, Lee Min-yon

Daily Sues Lawmakers Over Late Actress Jang

Chosun Ilbo, a major Korean conservative daily, has filed a libel against Rep. Lee Jong-kul of the Democratic Party, Rep. Lee Jung-hee of the Democratic Labor Party and Shin Sang-chul of online newspaper Seoprise for linking its executive to the late actress Jang Ja-yeon.

The daily said that the two lawmakers mentioned the name of the senior executive and the name of the newspaper during a parliamentary hearing, although the executive is not related to Jang's suicide.

Actress Jang was found after committing suicide on March 7 and the police investigation found that she was allegedly forced to have sexual relationships with men of power. She left a note including names of individuals whom she was said to have been coerced into entertaining, and the list included the name of the paper's executive.

Both lawmakers refuted the libel. Rep. Lee Jong-kul said Chosun Ilbo should not ridicule lawmakers rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution, referring to their immunity from any legal action over remarks made inside the National Assembly.

The lawmaker said, "Chosun Ilbo usually mentions the names in their articles to satisfy the people's right to know and now it tries to conceal the right, saying it is a defamation when the situation is against it", Lee said Saturday.

Rep. Lee Jung-hee criticized the police for being lukewarm in investigating the VIPs' alleged actions involving the late actress. The lawmakers made the briefing at the National Assembly, Sunday.

"Police are slow in probing the sexual exploitation case. If the police had not yielded to power and investigated thoroughly, the lawmakers who indicated the reason wouldn't be sued", Lee said.

The paper is also suing the president of the progressive Seoprise for posting an article concluding that Chosun Ilbo's executive is related to Jang's list.

Some media outlets made public the real name of the executive and the actual name of the paper while others chose not to.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fans can't wait for Won Bin's return!

Won Bin is returning through a new film directed by the famous Bong Joon-ho director. The film, "Mother-2009" has its teaser trailer released on the 7th and has been greatly anticipated since.

Mother-2009 is about a mentally challenged young man who is accused of a murder which his mother denies and fights to prove him innocent. This film is about a mother's unconditional love and passion to save his son. The mother character is acted by the talented actress, Kim Hye-ja

Won Bin's last film My Brother in 2004 has been so long ago that the fans are waiting for the release of this new film with big hopes.

We can see Won Bin's great acting even through this teaser trailer. Fans are also greatly awaiting for his transformation into a new character which is so different from any other characters he has been.

The trailer itself is being a hit online!


Kim Rae-won enters military service in August

Well known and loved actor Kim Rae-won will be entering military service in August. He has been contemplating whether the time is right for him to go to military service at this time in his career.

His most recent work will be "Insadong Scandal" which is also his last for two years that he will be in military service.

The film stars Kim as antique art restorer Lee Kang-joon. He will be the character who unveils the secrets of a masterpiece which also brings scheme and black marketing of art pieces.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Rain and JYP Call for Retrial

Korean singer Rain and his former agency, JYP Entertainment, currently facing a lawsuit regarding the cancellation of the singer's Hawaii concert, hired new lawyers and requested a retrial last Thursday.

According to the federal court in Hawaii Tuesday, the popular singer and agency separately applied for a retrial on April 2. They also requested the suspension of the decision issued last month by the federal court.

Rain and JYP Entertainment also stated that there was no evidence that the contract between Hawaii-based promoter Click Entertainment and Revolution Entertainment, owners of the North American rights to Rain's concerts, was on the behalf of JYP.

Judge Kevin Chang of the federal court in Hawaii will deliberate the singer's and agency's claim for suspension on May 4.

The agency replaced the original five lawyers with seven appeal lawyers as of April 2, while Rain also appointed attorney Terrence O'Toole as of Tuesday.

The popular singer got himself into a multi-million dollar lawsuit when his concert, part of his world tour "Rain's Coming", was canceled several days before its scheduled date in June 2007. Click Entertainment testified that they lost nearly $1.5 million due to the cancellation and argued that Rain and his crew never intended to perform in Hawaii in the first place.

In the ruling, the federal court ordered Rain and JYP to pay $2.4 million each in punitive damages, $1 million for damages related to fraud and $2.2 million for breach of contract.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hugh Jackman to 'Date' Local Actresses in TV Show

Hollywood screen star Hugh Jackman and Korean-American heartthrob Daniel Henney will appear in a local matchmaking TV program, organizers of the SBS show "The Gold Miss Are Coming" said Monday. The two actors will be in town Thursday to promote the action film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in time for its release April 30.

After appearing at a press conference Friday morning, they will meet actress Yang Jeong-ah 37, and the other members of "Gold Miss", a matchmaking program for eligible female celebrities. The group includes comedienne Shin Bong-seon and singer Jin Jae-young, among others. Two will have the opportunity to watch a movie with either Jackman or Henney.

The show will air on April 19.

Meanwhile, the "X-Men" stars will meet Korean fans on Friday evening. A performance will begin 7:30 p.m. at Cheonggye Plaza, downtown Seoul, and the red carpet ceremony will take place at 8:30.

Jackman has appeared in the other three films of the "X-Men" franchise, and the Australian actor visited Seoul in 2006 fall to promote "X-Men: The Last Stand". The superhero franchise marks Henney's Hollywood debut. The model-turned-actor became popular here and in other Asian countries through TV soaps like "My Lovely Sam-soon" (aka. "My Name Is Sam-soon"), and received critical acclaim for his role in the film "My Father".


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Actor Joins Air Force

Actor Jo In-seong entered a training program Monday before joining the South Korean Air Force in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province.

The star of "A Frozen Flower" appeared before the press sporting a short haircut and wearing black sportswear. Some 200 reporters and 300 fans, including over 100 Japanese women, crowded the venue.

"I'm not the only one entering the military, and so many fans have come to support me", he said. "I apologize for inconveniencing others by becoming a soldier. I'm actually feeling much more at ease now that military service has become a reality. I sincerely thank everyone who came today and I will come back after doing my best in the military"

The 27-year-old entered a weeklong session, including physical exams, a personality test and other formal procedures. Afterward, he will participate in a five-week preliminary training program before entering the Air Force for a 25-month stint of service. South Korean men are obligated to complete a mandatory two-year period of military service before the age of 29.

The actor qualified for the Air Force last November as a soldier specializing in military music. Jo is said to have often expressed his wish to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was an Air Force officer.


Thieves Nabbed for Robbing House of Actor's Mom

Three burglars who robbed the house of popular actor Kim Rae-won's mother were apprehended three months after the break-in, police said Monday.

Yongsan Police Station said the thieves stole money and valuables worth about 150 million won ($120,000) in January. Among the stolen items were medals, checks, luxury watches and other jewelry.

Since last October, they had robbed dozens of houses in wealthy districts in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. Police said the three thieves, who got to know each other when they were in jail three years ago, spent all the money mostly on entertainment.

Among them, a 41-year-old Chung and 29-year-old Lee were arrested, while another thief Park, 42, was booked without physical detention.

The robbers used some of the stolen checks at a gas station in Seoul, allowing police to trace their car as it was recorded by surveillance cameras there.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Rain visits Korea

He is going through court because he is being sued by companies in Hawaii for cancelling his concert due to some difficulties that Rain faced.

Rain's fans are cheering for him to have strength and courage to win the court!

He has appeared at a fan signing to promote a certain cosmetics brand. Rain looks like he's been stressed. His complexion is pale, he hasn't shaved, and he has lost some weight! Here he is waving to his fans with a big smile.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain-JYP Mired in Another Lawsuit

Korea's superstar Rain and his former management company, JYP Entertainment, just seem to get deeper and deeper into legal troubles. In the wake of the stunning verdict in Hawaii, Rain and JYP are sued this time by Star M, a Korean concert production company, for 4.57 billion won or nearly 3.4 million dollars in damage compensation.

Star M claims that Rain and JYP failed to uphold their end of the bargain in 2006, when the singer cancelled 16 out of 35 concerts planned. At the time Rain and Star M had agreed to hold concerts in China, the U.S., Vietnam, Australia, Japan, and Korea over the period of one year from October, 2006. However, the American patent office had denied the registration of Rain's concert trademark "RANY" for its similarity with another America singer's trademark. The rejection had made it impossible for Rain to hold any concerts in America. Star M claims that Rain and JYP knew about the problem, but didn't tell them about it.

Meanwhile, Rain lost in a lawsuit filed by a Hawaiian entertainment firm that was in charge of his concert in 2007. The Hawaiian court ordered the singer and JYP to pay more than 8 million dollars in damages. Rain's legal team is getting ready to appeal the court's decision.