Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Female Big Bang' About to Be Revealed

A new girl group groomed by YG Entertainment, one of Korea's biggest entertainment agencies, will reveal themselves in a commercial where they appear alongside the idol boy band Big Bang.

Referred to as the "female version of Big Bang", the group consists of four members -- Sandara Park, a Korean who became a star in the Philippines show business; Park Bom, who appeared in a commercial with singer Lee Hyo-lee; Kong Min-ji, a granddaughter of legendary traditional Korean dancer Kong Ok-jin; and rapper CL, who is fluent in four languages.

The commercial featuring the group is scheduled to go on air on Saturday, and before that on Friday, the new group's digital single "Lollipop" will be released. The commercial is also part of an ad series for LG Cyon's Lollipop mobile phone, created in music video format. The whole series will be completed by early April.

YG said, "G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang who also writes, composes and produces songs for his group, is producing the girl Big Bang's album. Although they will appear in a commercial first, they will officially debut in May. Since they have prepared for their debut for as many as four years, they will be able to show all the best they have".


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