Saturday, July 25, 2009

Long Awaited Tsunami Movie "Haeundae" about to Hit Korea

For what maybe the longest possible wait for an internationally released movie to hit its own shores, "Haeundae" is about to be released in Korea. Back in April the film sold to a number of territories at the Hong Kong Film Mart. The CJ released film then went on to repeat its success at Cannes. Given its star pull and its sizable success overseas, there is much anticipation for the film here in Korea.

The film headed by director Youn J.K. (Yoon Je-kyoon) is set in the southern tip of South Korea in the city of Pusan. The city which is the name sake of Asia's largest international film festival also boasts the seaside resort of Haeundae a beach which can attract a million people a day at the height of summer. This sets the scene for gigantic tidal wave that is about to engulf the city at just this time – Summer, as it is in Korea now. Ironically the film, which was filmed partly in California, is a more human story focusing on Man-sik, a local who runs a small seafood restaurant. After losing a friend to the sea a year before he can never go back. Later, while running into a stream of complications he is forced to confront his fear in the shape of a 500 mph wall of water.

"Haeundae" stars Seol Kyeong-gu ("Public Enemy", "Voice of Murderer") as the title character and Ha Ji-won of "BA:BO" fame. It was released on July 23.

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