Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jang Dong-gun for President?

Star director Jang Jin got Korea's leading man Jang Dong-gun to try his hand at comedy for the first time. JANG is set to play a young charismatic president in the upcoming KnJ Entertainment production "Good Morning President". The explosive combination of Jang Jin and Jang Dong-gun turns it into a highly anticipated fall release.

Han Chae-young has been cast in the female lead role. The story will be about three persons who get to meet the president. With Jang Jin at the helm, the film will be spiced up with Jang Jin's characteristic peculiar humour. Jang Dong-gun told reporters that except the young age of the president, the film has no similarities to current U.S. President Obama's story. "Good Morning President" is scheduled for an October release in cinemas.

Jang Dong-gun has been absent from the big screen for four years, since he appeared in 2005's "Typhoon". He's best known for the films "Friend" and "Taegukgi". Jang Dong-gun returns this year with two films. Besides "Good Morning President", his English language film debut "The Warrior's Way" – alongside Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush – is also set for a 2009 release.


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