Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Settlement Sought in Rain's Hawaii Lawsuit

Singer/actor Rain, who has lost a lawsuit filed against him by a Hawaiian agency, is trying to settle the suit. According to the U.S. Federal Court on June 7, Rain and JYP Entertainment are negotiating with Click Entertainment, the plaintiff. The two sides signed an agreement to keep the details of their negotiations confidential. The judge, Kevin Chang, ordered the CEO of Click Entertainment to attend the settlement conference slated for June 10.

The U.S. judicial circles say it is quite unprecedented for parties to negotiate a suit after the Federal Court has issued a verdict, but they are not ruling out the possibility of reaching a compromise given the judge's order to attend the conference and the parties' agreement to keep the details strictly confidential.

The damage suit that was filed in Los Angeles over Rain's cancellation of his concerts has returned to a Californian civil court after two months. Sources say the plaintiff, Andrew Kim, filed the suit in March with the state court, but Rain's attorneys transferred the suit to the California Central District Court in April because the involved parties lived in different areas. However, the plaintiff opposed the move and the federal court judge sent the suit back to the State Court last month.

Rain's side said the other defendants did not agree to the suit's transfer because they failed to receive written accusations, but the judge rejected Rain's argument because of lack of evidence. Rain's side wanted the suit to be handled by the Federal Court because its procedures are simpler and swifter compared to the State Court while its juries are typically less biased against defendants who are not from California, but the plan was not realized.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment, one of the defendants in the LA suit, has designated its own attorney separately from Rain just as in the Hawaii suit.


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