Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One-Year Jail Term Sought for Actor Joo

The prosecution sought one year in prison and 440,000 won ($350) in fines, Tuesday, for popular actor Joo Ji-hoon, who was indicted on charges of illegal drug use.

Three other entertainers prosecuted along with Joo on the same charges also face a possible prison term ranging from five years to seven years.

Joo, 27, was indicted without physical detention in late April on charges of taking ecstasy in March 2008 during parties with fellow entertainers.

Joo was present at the Seoul Central District Court at 2 p.m. along with his lawyer and security guards to participate in the first court hearing.

He pled guilty to all charges against him. He said his first experience took place by accident while intoxicated in a house party with other entertainers.

"I'm sorry", Joo said in a low voice. "I consumed drugs while I was drunk".

He asked for leniency from presiding Judge Han Yang-seok, saying, "I will never do this again. If I am given the chance, I will fulfill my military service in earnest".

The court's ruling will be handed down on June 23.


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