Monday, September 7, 2009

Tablo & Kang to Tie the Knot in October

Hip hop group Epik High leader Tablo and actress Kang Hye-jung will tie the knot in October.

A source from Tablo was quoted as saying Saturday, "Tablo is preparing for the October wedding. The couple will become father and mother next year". "They had planned to wed next year but Kang's pregnancy caused them to advance the wedding date". Kang is reportedly in her fifth week of pregnancy.

Tablo, 29, and Kang, 27, have been dating since they had a first meeting at Epik High's Christmas concert last year.

Unlike other celebrity couples who usually keep their love stories secret, the Tablo-Kang couple has been showing their love through various TV shows and press interviews.

Tablo is a leading Korean hip hop musician, rap artist, songwriter and lyricist.

Kang made her debut as a magazine model while attending a high school. She gained fame through her role as "Mido" in "Old Boy", the critically acclaimed film directed by Park Chan-wook.


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